Booty Building & Ab Sculpting Bundle

Booty Building & Ab Sculpting Bundle


This bundle includes both The Cake Shop and The Sweat Factory 20 weeks total of workouts for both ultimate booty growth and fat burn/ab sculpting. 

This bundle includes:

  • 12 weeks of gym-based booty workouts, 2 sessions per week

  • 12 weeks of home-based booty workouts, 2 sessions per week

  • 8 weeks of HIIT and ab workouts, 4 individual sessions per week

  • Vegan meal ideas for muscle growth

  • How to eat for weight loss

  • Foods to consider for weight loss

  • Key workout terms defined

  • Advice and tips

  • Tips for reducing bloating

  • FAQ

  • Additional help and support from me via email and social media DMs

  • Access to a private Instagram account that shows the booty workouts in full video

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Terms and Conditions:

This is a one time payment and no refunds.

Sharing, selling, reproducing, or anything of the like of this guide is prohibited and illegal.

© Amanda Monroe/Sassy Sunflower, 2019

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