Fit For Life

Fit For Life


Fit For Life is a fitness beginner's guide. If you're someone who has fitness goals and has been wanting to pick up a routine but not sure where to start, this guide is perfect for you. For only less than $1/day!

Not only does it explain some common fitness concepts, it has a 30 day workout plan that explores a variety of different exercise types and workout splits so you can find a routine you actually enjoy. Enjoying your routine is what creates long lasting healthy habits.

This guide includes:

  • Reasons to start a fitness routine

  • Different types of exercise

  • Benefits of weight lifting and HIIT

  • Workout scheduling/splits

  • Gym vs home workouts

  • 30 day workout plan

  • Remaining motivated and dedicated

  • Moving past gym anxiety

  • Printable 30 day habit tracker

  • FAQ

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After purchase, you will be prompted to a download page to download the guide. An email will also be sent to you where you can download the guide within 24 hours.. I highly suggest downloading the file on a computer first to prevent any issues, then transferring the file to your phone if you wish.

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This is a one time payment and no refunds.

Sharing, selling, reproducing, or anything of the like of this guide is prohibited and illegal.

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