The Cake Shop

The Cake Shop


The Cake Shop is the ultimate booty growth guide. It's made for anyone looking to grow their glutes and put those buns in the oven.

This guide includes:

  • 12 weeks of gym-based workouts, 2 sessions per week

  • 12 weeks of home-based workouts, 2 sessions per week

  • Vegan meal ideas for muscle growth

  • Key workout terms defined

  • Advice and tips

  • FAQ

  • Additional help and support from me via email and Instagram DMs

  • Access to a private Instagram account that shows the workouts in full video

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Download Instructions:

After purchase, you will be prompted to a download page to download the guide. An email will also be sent to you where you can download the guide within 24 hours.. I highly suggest downloading the file on a computer first to prevent any issues, then transferring the file to your phone if you wish.

Terms and Conditions:

This is a one time payment and no refunds.

Sharing, selling, reproducing, or anything of the like of this guide is prohibited and illegal.

© Amanda Monroe/Sassy Sunflower, 2019