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Madison is absolutely KILLING it and she’s only been training for 6 weeks (out of 8 months) here!

“Six weeks of hard work. I’m 15 pounds down from my starting weight in January, and 40 pounds down from my heaviest. A few summers ago I got to 60 pounds down and I’m quickly getting back to that goal! I’m down to a size 16 for the first time in 6 years! I’m working so hard to get to the goals I’ve set for myself and I’m so proud. Amanda blesses me with all of my workouts, go check her out! She’s SO amazing and such a driving force in my journey.”

-Madison B


Amanda’s progress only 5 weeks into her online training program!!

“Thanks for pushing me and helping me reach my goals. I haven’t felt this good about my body in years.”

-Amanda M


Ashley’s progress from her 4 week custom workout guide!

“I can definitely tell my booty has gotten bigger, and my arms and stomach have gotten a little smaller too! I’ve even had 3 people tell me my butt looks bigger! Thank you for showing me good weight training. I’m definitely not stopping now!!”

-Ashley L