Joshua Tree in Super Bloom & San Diego


This past April, I was able to spend a week in California with some friends. Having scored Coachella wristbands during the pre-sale last year is what initiated the plan to take a trip to California. I didn't expect my favorite parts of the entire trip were visiting Joshua Tree and San Diego. Don't get me wrong, Coachella was (no surprise) a blast. But encountering such natural beauty created by Earth herself was therapeutic. 

The natural rock formations and oddly-shaped Joshua Trees that scattered Joshua Tree National Park looked like something out of a Pixar movie. The rocks are so perfectly balanced on one another as if someone hand placed them one by one. You would think  a gust of wind would be enough to knock them all down, but yet they remain. 

I felt such a sense of awe walking through this park. Everything was just so beautiful and nothing like anything I've seen before. These trees are indigenous to this area, no where else in the world can they be found. It made me wonder what about this area is so special that these trees only grow here? Nature works in mysterious ways. 


Due to the super bloom California has been experiencing (thanks to copious amounts of rain this area is not used to), the desert was blooming in a way no one had seen for 30 years. Cacti were flowering, wild flowers were blossoming, and the desert looked a bit more green than I was expecting. I feel so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to witness such an incredible phenomena and to have seen the desert in it's most colorful state. 

After Coachella weekend, our next destination was San Diego. I have wanted to go to San Diego for an incredibly long time, so I was really looking forward to this leg of the trip. I'm a beach girl at heart and I knew I would be taken back by this beautiful location. Before hitting the beach, we went to the Self Realization Meditation Gardens. This is where I took the majority of my photos because when I finally got to the beach, I was way too distracted by the moment. 

The meditation gardens had the most stunning exotic flowers, cacti, and succulents I've ever seen. The entire atmosphere embodied relaxation and oneness, everyone who was there spoke in whisper. It was so quiet you could listen to the birds fly overhead and the waves crashing on the shore below. I felt so at peace walking through the garden, admiring the scenery and embracing the salty Pacific ocean air. This is a place I will absolutely return to. 

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View of Coachella Valley from a mountain lookout on the way to San Diego

View of Coachella Valley from a mountain lookout on the way to San Diego